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Board Advisors

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CEO of Algo-Logic Systems, Inc.

John is an expert in building logic accelerated networking applications. He is the CEO of Algo-Logic Systems, Inc. and has worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories, IBM, SAIC, and NCSA.   He served as a professor at Stanford University and led the Reconfigurable Network Group within the Applied Research Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis. He has published over 100 papers and patents  related to networking andFPGAs. He holds BS, MS, PhD degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Founder & CEO at SAAVHA Inc

Dr. Rose is a Physician, Entrepreneur, and Blockchain Specialist. He is founder of SAAVHA, a social impact startup whose mission is to establish trust, improve experience, and foster innovation to empower patients. He currently serves as a Vice Chair for the IEEE-SA IC19-004-01 committee on Data Harmonization for Enabling Remote Clinical Trials and the Patient Identity Sub-committee lead for a PhUSE Blockchain in Clinical Trials initiative.  He has more than 20 years combined work in Clinical/Translational Medicine workflow and Technology, authored numerous peer reviewed publications, and serves as an Advisor to several startups, with mentions in Forbes, CoinDesk, and The Parallax.


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Head of Networking Strategy at Apstra

Jeff is a networking expert for over 20 years. Has authored or contributed to many RFC's and patents. He is the chair of IETF Routing Working Group and also serves the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). His focus has been 5G transport and integration with radio, IoT, MEC and Next Generation DC Networking. His current project, Transport SDN is the application of the SDN architecture and principles to a Transport Network (MPLS-TP, OTN, DWDM). Jeff has a proven track record of building and managing successful products in state of art solutions.

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Director of Cricket Media and LiveIntent

William "An optimist on ideas but who thinks worst case first," is strategic advisor at DMGT PLC.  He is a director of Cricket Media and LiveIntent as well as an adviser to other startup companies.  He is the chair of the Executive Advisory Board at Originate. For fifteen years he was strategic advisor to Naspers/Myriad International Holdings. He teaches corporate strategy at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University.  He was the chair of the Committee on Copyright and Innovation in the Digital Era for the National Academy of Sciences. Bill  was CIO of the year at Sun and CTO of the year at AOL Time Warner.

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Associate Professor at Dep. Inf. U.Minho and researcher at HASLab in INESC TEC

Carlos Baquero is one of the creators of Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) and of new models for causality tracking in distributed systems, such as Interval Tree Clocks and Dotted Version Vectors. He serves as an Associate Professor in the area of Distributed Systems, Universidade do Minho, Portugal and researches at the High Assurance Software Laboratory within INESC TEC.  As an academic, he believes on pursuing fundamental research that can have a practical impact.  His work on causality tracking, scalable bloom filters, and CRDTs made its way into several products and systems, running in production worldwide. Carlos is a co-founder of Eurotux (a European data centre services company).



Professor of Network & System Administration at Oslo University College

Mark developed the configuration management software CFEngine. He served as professor of Network & System Administration at Oslo University College. His Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics was earned from Newcastle, for which he received the Runcorn Prize. He currently is using physics to describe the behavior of computers as dynamic systems. Mark led theoretical and practical contributions to the theory of automation and policy-based management, including the idea of Operator Convergence and Promise Theory. Mark has authored books and papers on network & system administration and has won many awards for his work.

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Professor of EECS Emerita, University of Michigan

Lynn is Professor of EECS Emerita, University of Michigan. She earned her BS and MSEE, Columbia University. Lynn made foundational contributions to computer architecture at IBM. At Xerox PARC she was the ‘hidden-hand’ behind the paradigm-shifting VLSI revolution in Silicon Valley. She is a Member of NAE and a Fellow of IEEE, AAAS and Computer History Museum honors her for her pioneering work, including the Wetherill Medal of the Franklin Institute and the James Clerk Maxwell Medal from IEEE and Royal Society of Edinburgh. Lynn has been awarded four Honorary Doctorates. IBM recently apologized to her.

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Independent Consultant

Wendy is an independent consultant and former HPE Distinguished Technologist Emerita with a strong background in NonStop server (ex Tandem) software architecture and security. She headed the platform-wide NonStop Availability and Security initiatives for many years, and has a deep understanding of major customers’ actual practices. She holds an MSCS from Stanford University.

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Douglas Crockford is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur who is involved in the development of the JavaScript language. He popularized the data format JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), and has developed various JavaScript related tools such as JSLint and JSMin.[2] He is currently a senior JavaScript architect at PayPal, and is also a writer and speaker on JavaScript, JSON, and related web technologies.

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CEO of Cloud Sliver

Michael as CEO of Cloud Sliver has developed a novel approach to distributed system design and deployment -- "System Oriented Programming". Implemented entirely in Javascript and represents the next evolutionary step in microservices and distributed computing architecture. It gives programmers very explicit, and granular control, over sharding and partitioning of the distributed data. The technology optimizes, at data prep time (essentially "system compile time"), for Locality of Reference to reduce I/O wait-states in application layer by multiple orders of magnitude (compared to a legacy relational database). The EARTH Computing and Cloud Sliver technologies are perfectly complimentary. 

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Office of CTO (CPBU) at VMware

Renu was Vice President of SAP’s cloud architecture and engineering group, and since January 2020, is is a member of the CTO’s office at VMWare. Prior to SAP, he was an executive in residence at Tallwood Venture Capital – a leading semiconductor focused venture firm. Renu has been involved in two startups - founder/CEO of Unity Microsystems and VP/GM at  InSilica.  Prior to InSilica, Renu’s professional career started at Sun Microsystems spanning more than a decade in microprocessor and systems development.  Renu graduated from Northwestern with MS EE/CS, and has represented in multiple companies as board advisor (Alphion, Pixim, Audience, Astute, Ikanos).  

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Assistant Professor at University of Minho,

Sr. Researcher HASLab / INESC TEC

Paulo is an Assistant Professor at University of Minho, and a senior researcher at HASLab / INESC TEC. He has worked on object aliasing during his PhD at Imperial College London in 1998, but has since worked on distributed systems, having been living beyond distributed transactions for quite some time. His research activities include causality tracking, eventually consistent databases, distributed aggregation, distributed graphs algorithms, and exactly-once messaging. Recently, the main focus of research has been on replicated data types.

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Royal Society Fellow at Oxford University

Jamie is a Royal Society Fellow at Oxford University, working on higher category theory and its applications in computer science and mathematics, in areas related to verification of quantum structures and protocols. He co-organized Oxford Advanced Seminar in Informatic Structures and is part of the Centre for Quantum Mathematics and Computation (QMAC). Jamie lectures for Categorical Quantum Mechanics, frequently supervise DPhil, MSc and undergraduate students on topics related to the mathematical foundations of quantum computing.

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Microsoft Emeritus Researcher

Gordon is researcher emeritus, Microsoft Research. Former VP of R&D at Digital Equipment Corp. (1960-1983); professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University (1966-72); founding assistant director of the National Science Foundation's Computing and Information Sciences and Engineering (CISE) Directorate (1986-1988); panel chair of the National Research and Education Network (NREN) for creating the Internet (1987-1988). Gordon has been advisor/investor to 100+ High Tech start-up companies; and a founding trustee of the Computer History Museum. He is a member of the ACM, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, IEEE, NAE, NAS, and 1991 National Medal of Technology medalist.