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Former Apple Infrastructure Team. Founder/ CEO REPLICUS Software. VP/CTO, for VERITAS Software during 9/11 emergency data recovery.  VP/Chief Architect/GM at Quantum Corp. Sun Microsystems: Distinguished Engineer, Director of Architecture & Performance, Senior Director for Advanced Systems; Chief Scientist for IR. Founding Chairman of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). VP of Technical activities, and VP of Standards for the IEEE Computer Society. 

Paul’s passion for dependable computing came from designing systems and software for an experiment which performed extraordinarily well on NASA’s Space Shuttle flight 51f.  His direct experience with the emergency data recovery after  9/11 made him look deeply into the technical issues which plague consistency and transactional integrity in todays distributed systems. Paul earned his B.Sc. (hons) in physics at Manchester university, and his Ph.D in physics from University College London. Paul is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program (SEP).

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Principled Architect

Dr. Alan Karp is Principled Architect at Earth Computing, where he is designing a novel network fabric for the datacenter.  He was a Principal Scientist in the Office of the CTO of HP's Enterprise Services and a Technical Architect of its service delivery platform.  Before that, he worked in HP Labs on usable security.  Dr. Karp was Chief Scientist at Hewlett-Packard's E-speak Operation and one of the architects of Intel's Itanium processor. Dr. Karp received his Ph. D. in Astronomy from the University of Maryland, spent two years at IBM Research, and one year as an assistant professor of physics at Dartmouth College before joining IBM's Palo Alto Scientific Center where he worked on problems related to high performance computing.  He has published over 100 papers and conference proceedings and holds more than 75 patents


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Transaction System Designer

Formerly head of Tandem’s Transaction Group. Charlie has been a friend of the company and unofficial technical advisor for several years. Charlie wrote the three-phase commit transaction protocol, through which $1 Trillion+ a day is transacted through his code.

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Quantum-Inspired protocols (Rewriting Systems)

Dan is a former member of Regatti computing and a highly accomplished programmer.  Dan is responsible for the formal definition and testing of our protocol suite, and is a highly respected member of the quantum computing community.

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Language-based Product Implementer and Validator

Developed core software, simulation and testing infrastructure for startups. Performed technical and strategic analyses for research labs of global Fortune 500 companies. Programming languages expert on the Scheme R7RS Standards Committee. Organizer of technical conferences.

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Interconnect Wizard

Steve Chalmers did and managed R&D and technology strategy for servers, storage, and networking products over a 37 year career at HP and HPE.  His current interest is in dissolving the silo boundaries between server, storage, and network in the data center, optimizing the equipment to serve applications directly.

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System Builder

Rebuilt Netflix’s 3-tier enterprise datacenter into a microservices architecture in Amazon Cloud (AWS). Xerox PARC and Sun Microsystems: Multi-processor system design, programming language design, virtual machine and language runtimes, operating systems, network protocols and distributed applications.

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General Council 

Gabriel is an experienced Technology Legal and Business Executive.  Formally Chief Legal officer of Rearden Commerce/Deem, Inc., VP and General Counsel of Ariba, Inc., and Corporate Counsel for Oracle where he was a senior member of the commercial licensing department for Oracle’s East Coast operations negotiating agreements for the direct and indirect licensing of Oracle’s software products and Consulting Services. Gabriel was educated at Stanford University and Santa Clara University School of Law. Gabriel has worked with EARTH computing since its inception on its legal and financial structure, and handles all our contracts and agreements.

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Board/Chairman. Bruce Cofounded 3Com with Bob Metcalf, where he developed the first commercial TCP/IP stack. Prior to founding gThrive in 2011. Bruce was Chief Scientist of the Computing Technologies Division, C4 Systems Group of General Dynamics; founder and CEO of Archway Digital Systems (a blade server company); CTO of Triada, Applied Science Fiction and Kubota Graphics (where he also held VP Marketing, VP Engineering and VP Business Development roles); Director of Engineering for Silicon Graphics responsible for their early workstation products, and Director of Information Technologies at Rand Corporation where he authored the MH email system. Bruce holds an AB Mathematics from Harvard University.




Chief of Staff, Military Applications

Ed spent over 16 years in Special Operations as a United States Army Green Beret. Beginning his career at the Military Academy at West Point, service has been a central part of his life. After 22 years Ed “rebranded”, leaving Stuttgart Germany for the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to leaving Germany, Ed attended the first THF Virtual pilot program, and is an evangelist for the program’s effectiveness and accessibility to the community we look to serve. He continues important work for the nation at Sandia Labs in Livermore, California.

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Languages and Runtimes

A technologist designing and developing software solutions to enhance human potential. He has extensive experience with fine-grained massively-concurrent systems, bare-metal operating systems, capability-security, and domain-specific language design. He invented the Humus actor-based programming language. Dale is also an organizational-transformation coach, having applied a wide variety of Lean/Agile techniques since their inception.



Product Management

Recently the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Operations at Metaswitch Networks where he lead Strategic, Product Portfolio, and Operational Governance initiatives.  Previously held additional roles as VP of Product Management and Portfolio Operations at MobileIron. Vice President of Marketing Operations at Intel, and the Vice President of the PMO function at Wind River.



Operating Systems and Networks

Former IT Network Field Technician at The Click Experts in San Francisco; Experienced in Operating Systems and Networks, through independent research; Independently trained in several languages, particularly in C; Mentored in Distributed Systems by Charlie Johnson. 

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25 years’ experience in Graphical Display Development. Extensive experience in the Finite Element Analysis field modeling and simulating engineering problems and then graphically displaying results.  Developer, support engineer and instructor at the two primary non-linear finite element companies: MARC, Abaqus. Started programming in JavaScript twenty years ago.

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Industry Standards 

Gary is a consultant for industry standards both in the U.S. and Internationally. He began at Bell Telephone Labs in the communications development group. Then moved to computer development at Honeywell Computers and finally the last 40 years as a standards expert in ISO, ANSI and the IEEE. Gary led the group contributing Ethernet to IEEE P802 and was an active member of the storage interface standards group.



Remote Assistant

Susan is our dedicated administrative assistant keeping everything together and helping the CEO on a daily basis to fulfill any and all tasks necessary. Susan holds degrees in Art and Education and has a lifetime of experience in office administration.