Operational Transform

A very important event just occurred.

The blog by Joseph Gentle ends my decades long fight against Operational Transform and it's implicit dependence on the fragility of centralized servers.   We discovered Operational Transform cannot be made to work in a previous company (REPLICUS software).  Not only was its centralized architecture wrong from a single point of failure and bottleneck perspective, it also gave “ownership” of your data to whoever owns the central servers (e.g. Google). Joseph describes this beautifully in his article.

I've been following the literature and dialog on CRDT’s for a long time, I discovered the mathematics of semi-lattices in 2004, and was delighted to see the academic literature from people like Carlos and Paulo accelerating way past my intuitive and practical understanding of the issue of file synchronization, and doing the hard academic work of describing and and proving it to the world.

Now it’s all coming together, and I would like our advisory board to see the dots being connected as this new world of local-first software evolves into a rich and beautiful community of experts in industry and academia.  This will change the world as we know it.

I strongly recommend taking the time to read this blog in its entirety, including the embedded links, they will take you into the world as we see it at EARTH Computing (planned for our second product).