Earth Computing is reimagining the datacenter fabric to provide a simple, resilient and secure datacenter foundation. We are pioneers in the emerging Network Defined Software (NDS) market. In combination with standard datacenter class servers and and patent-pending software breakthroughs, we address core issues in the deployment, confinement (security), maintenance and survivability of mission-critical IT infrastructures. Our product roadmap, delivered sequentially, provides critical mechanisms to enable network, storage and computation to cooperate in an underground stack, that scales-out without bottlenecks or single points of failure.


Simple, Resilient & Secure, Stretching the Edge to every Neighborhood, Office, Hospital & Factory​


Earth Computing replaces switches with a resilient, cell-to-cell, direct connection fabric. Our protocols eliminate network problems intrinsic to a separate switched network, and removes things that hurt performance while enabling recovery and resilience at the lowest level. Our protocols support distributed coherent data structures. As a result, atomic transactions run orders of magnitude faster and more reliably. Distributed coherent data structures become easier and will be delivered as part of our product.


We stand in solidarity with the Black community.

Racism is unacceptable. It conflicts with our core values.


Earth Computing Network Fabric (ECNF)

We combine our software with industry standard hardware in a single deployable unit we call a cell. Cells contain both core mechanisms that enable secure, defensible and agile computing, and configurable sets of resources that work together without external dependencies to provide a secure and robust substrate on which industry standard operating systems and container orchestration services are accommodated.

We address critical infrastructure issues from the bottom up, not top down. Our subvirtualization approach enables recovery from all varieties of perturbations, including byzantine failures, disasters and cyber attacks. We build a secure, self-configuring and actively defensible platform by eliminating human intervention in all aspects of Cell operations, we eliminate the human error which impedes rapid recovery from perturbations. We use the laws of physics against adversaries, not just computer algorithms.

Unlike the rest of the security industry, rather than focus on trying to prevent access to an infrastructure, our focus is on laying a foundation with rapidly evolvable mechanisms to enable detection after attackers are in, tools to extract them safely once they have been found, and mechanisms to facilitate rapid time to recovery after even the largest perturbations.

We plan a business that can be characterized as a platform with a demonstrable network effect for our business to be sticky (and hence fundable). We seek to create partnerships and a consortium - with others that build boxes so we can roll it in as a turnkey product. The partnership may use a name that appeals to folks who sell datacenter stuff to people buy the whole package.


fewer switches, load-balancers, etc.

Automated configuration management, no switch or firewall settings to manage. The result is lower CapEx, lower latency & higher bandwidth.


self-managed, self-healing, self-organizing

Near instantaneous failure detection, automated rerouting, simplified network state recovery. The result is lower OpEx, improved uptime, automatic failure recovery.


redesigned network fabric enables confinement

Reduced attack surface due to local addressing, tenant isolation by virtualizing access to network ports. The result is increased protection against intrusions, improved isolation.


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Palo Alto, CA, USA